The Pro Bowl?

Super bowl 54 is set. Now we have the long 2 week media blitz on the same things everyday, who’s hurt, what the analyst thinks the underdog needs to do to slow the powerhouse down. It’s all so powerful and encapsulating, then we have to sit and watch the wonderful showing of the Pro Bowl. (As much sarcasm as I can give.) What’s the point of the pro bowl, to watch some of the world’s best athletes walk around on a field playing touch football? It’s boring! In comparison the NBA All Star game where it’s amazing to watch the masters of their craft play pickup basketball with Kevin Hart clowning them courtside. You can do so much cool stuff during a basketball game that you can’t while playing football. Alley oops, no look passes, amazing dunks, crazy shots. What can happen on the football field, Mahomes can’t throw no look passes because he’ll be doing that in the superbowl. Obj kicking field goals and slapping ass? Derrick Henry stiff arming the entire defense? It doesn’t make sense and with that being said I have a proposition. They already have the skills challenges, which is really fun to watch, the pass accuracy, the kickers playing tic-tac-toe, the obstacle course, and last but certainly not least the dodgeball game. These things are the best part. I propose that they get rid of the game and do more of these challenges. The best thing they could do is a 3v3 or 5v5 old school NFL street style flag football game. Flipped upside down and backwards visors, basketball jerseys, and Deshaun Watson throwing behind the back to OBJ who then twirls the ball on his fingers to gain style points. Drew Brees throwing no look to Saquon Barkley who then runs up the wall to avoid a tackle from Derrick Henry. That’s what NFL fans need.